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by Shimeri

OK, while I am into bondage (hence, the name and the stories), I've never really been much into the tentacle thing. Not saying it doesn...

As a writer, sitting here looking at your work of art, I cannot help but to think that you SHOULD do more bondage pieces. This is perfe...

One of the things that so many Emma Frost depictions get wrong is her strength. This is a woman who isn't really afraid of much. In add...

by Reilune

I had thought, up until seeing this photo, that I absolutely preferred you as a brunette. I still find you enchanting with brown hair, ...


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1,320 / 4,000
Looking to buy a membership for a year. ALL donations are welcome - four thousand is a lot of points and every little bit helps!
I also appreciate generosity, so if you are a donor, you are welcome to make requests of me and, if I can fulfill them, I will. (Writing, of course...)

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OK, DA... I have a mainstream project that is going to be demanding quite a bit of my attention, this week, so I'll be doing a bit less on here. I'll try to pop in, here and there, and, if I can, I'll put something out - but - it might not be until Friday, when I post a kinda cool surprise.
This is my living, though, so... it's necessary.
Hope you all have a wonderful week.
So, some of you may be wondering what I'm doing...
Well, here's the deal:
The F*A*T*E*S series is developing far more quickly than I had expected.
The Vales are coming to life, as :iconmirrorkhaos: is developing Ravenfell, a city in Shadowvale near the border with Elvenvale.
Devianton is filling in, as it now has a Mayor, a District Attorney, and a City Councilwoman... and it may have another Councilwoman, soon...
Those Devianton Mirror stories you've all hopefully been reading?
They're all going to be actual stories... and :iconslavelynngreen: is already working on one and I'm currently writing 'Breast Binder'...
Want to write a story for the series/universe? Shoot me a note. We can iron out details.
F*A*T*E*S has a pretty big roster and C.L.E.A.V.A.G.E. is filling out... still room for more heroines!
Want to join in, but not in Devianton?
I need people for Mephiston, the capitol of Shadowvale...
There're also two other cities in Hopevale, so far: New Justice and Holiday Beach. These cities have room for characters, too.

Just because most of my stories will take place in Devianton  doesn't mean you can't tell tales of another place!

There's room for more villains and villainesses. I've had some volunteers, but there are lots of heroes and heroines, why should there not be a lot of adversaries?

So... do feel free to jump in...
and, don't worry... Star Trek: Odyssey of Bondage is still in production. I've just got to strike, here, while the inspiration is hot as hell... like my Damsels :)

There's been a development in the game that will allow me to do more, so I am taking advantage of the break to also update some things.
Oh, one thing... I am DATING all the installments of F*A*T*E*S stories, so someone reading them will easily know what is in what order. Please, if you are writing one, do the same? The relevant dates are on the Devianton Mirror deviations.
I saw Infinity War, last night, so, today, I am working solely on The Vales.
It occurs to me that a 'Character Sheet' (like in RPGs) would be very helpful... to get a relative comparison of strength, etc.
:iconanyastorm: has done the definitive work on that, here, on DA. I'm thinking, if she has the time, she should spearhead that, and perhaps some of you have suggestions to help.
I've been furiously contacting those Damsels who are not on DA and gathering info from them on where they want to fit in.
I've sent out some 'job offers' for roles in the series to some on DA.
I've also been BUILDING Devianton, and some other cities, in a City Builder. Images to come. If any of you has an idea for a city, tell me... speak up... is it in Lightvale? Hopevale? or Shadowvale?
OR, perhaps you're thinking Elvenvale?

Heroines... which of you will join C.L.E.A.V.A.G.E?

Villains and villainesses... I need you, too... someone has to bind these babes...
Switches... talk to me. Do you want to be a villain/villainess and occasionally get bound by another villain/villainess?
Do you want to be someone who is neither hero nor villain? Should there be a 'Club' ?
Who would run it, if so?

It's OUR world, DA... please DO help build it...
OK, so, I spent the majority of the day, and evening, today, hard at work on the F*A*T*E*S series. While this is a good thing, it's a mixed blessing, as I didn't get to finish Episode Fifteen, Part Four - it's partially done and not likely to be ready, by the time I'd usually post it, tomorrow.
I got several things done for F*A*T*E*S, but I am waiting on a few people to get back to me to say they're in... before I can go forward. If they're not in, I'll have to do some re-casting...

I recognize that this is a monumental undertaking and that it's a risky one, because, if not enough people care to get involved, it will be a dismal failure. However, I believe that, if a bunch of us put the time and effort in, it can be something amazing.

That being said, I am gonna go work on Devianton.
Still need some key people in some key positions...
Some of you may notice that I have posted the front page of the Devianton Mirror for 24 April 2018.
Now, if this proves to be a popular idea, I'll occasionally post such things as a way of putting out 'current events' updates for The Vales. This means the articles you read, in the paper, will be references to stories I'll be writing.

However, better than that... if one of you wants to write a story in The Vales, get with me and I can include a reference to it in the Devianton Mirror!

Special thanks to :iconrenderpretender: for graciously allowing me to use his image of Curia, and to :iconcuria-dd:, herself, for being an inspiration for the first headline.
So, this coming week will be a special week on my page...
As many of you may have already seen, Episode 15 of Season One is continuing, with the addition of Part Three, today.
Is that all?
Hell, no! Next Friday, Part Four is going to surprise many of you who, I am hoping, will not see the twists coming.

But, that's not all.
In two days, I'll be celebrating
:iconarkannes:'s birthday...
by posting a story featuring... who else? her...
that is the FIRST story in my new, rebooted F*A*T*E*S series.
In fact, next Friday is my daughter,
:iconsarabondage:'s birthday... and to celebrate that, I'll be posting lots of F*A*T*E*S material, this coming week... including a short story featuring her.

I'm really hoping a lot of you read the F*A*T*E*S stuff, and like it, because it's been quite some effort pulling it together, but it will allow for many of us, here, on DA... to interact and interweave story lines and such together into what I hope becomes a huge, successful franchise.

That being said, Odyssey of Bondage WILL continue, as I said, and there WILL be an installment, next Friday. Don't you worry!
If ANYONE has access to my Polls...
I don't.
I would appreciate it if someone could go back and find the one where F*A*T*E*S got its name...

...and tell me what it stood for?

Yeah, I can't remember...
Season One, Episode Fifteen, Part Two... will post, tomorrow, on schedule. It's complete and it, hopefully, marks the beginning of a very exciting series of events that will wrap up Season One at Episode Twenty.

Once Season One concludes, Trek will take a short hiatus (while I get ahead in writing, again) as a few of the projects I've been waiting to complete will be finished... and posted.

Now, since I am caught up, I am off to get some rest. Hope you are all ready for some high adventure!
What if I told you... that the next installment of Bondage Bunnies is done and I'm working on the final part?
What if I told you that... I know who is going to win?
What if I told you that I wrote in some more cameos by DA members?
What if I told you that I JUST MIGHT post it in a couple hours?

No Trek episode, this week, but the third installment of the Bondage Bunnies Easter Extravaganza is up.
This one features a LOT OF DA DAMSELS... so... check it out.
I won't tag them, because I don't want to give away any spoilers... but...
if you happen to mention any of them in comments (perhaps voicing an opinion on who you might win... or maybe agreeing or disagreeing with something that someone proposes in the installment... or perhaps you're just really shocked that someone is there...) then, well, I won't be angry.

I'd like to see what you all think.
I'm working on the fourth installment, tomorrow... and it's GAME TIME!!!
Episode 15, Part One is posted.
Perusing the many awesome Easter deviations from many of you has inspired me... and given me an idea for a story to post this Sunday.
That doesn't give me a lot of time to write it... but I believe I can pull it off. It's not long.
It will, however, feature many of you girls from dA... as it should.
My tribute to all of you.

If there are any in my 'Potential Damsels' folder who would like to appear... shoot me a note.
Must be quick about it, though. Time is ticking away...
It's gonna be sexy, but cute.
Hint: We're going back to the cabin!
Two more ships and crews up for ST: OOB, and another likely to post, tomorrow.

Also, coming soon - Lusty Locals, an installment of
"Curious Captives"
Tracy Ford,
and introducing an exciting new character:
Natalie Fox

Also, look for cameos by:
Again... the best laid plans.
Good news is, I got an enormous amount of work done, today - so - tomorrow, once I've gotten some sleep...
there should be some updates
SO... I got sorta... tied up... and didn't get to finish the Deviations I had planned to post, tonight.
BUT... I did some work to them when I got free, and hopefully, tomorrow...
but, for now, it's late....
hope you all rest well
OK, so, I HAD hoped to have one more Deviation for you all, tonight, but it will have to wait for tomorrow. That being said, this 'special weekend of material releases' will be extended through this week!
So - just putting this out there - because it was said to me, and I wanted your take on it:

One of my friends asked me, considering how many characters we have in the Star Trek: Odyssey of Bondage series...
why I don't do a Trek series where we are all on one ship...
exploring the galaxy.

Well, that IS a possibility. I could do that.
So... I'm gonna put it out to you, my friends and readers, and Damsels...

If I created a series about one ship that explores the galaxy, and everyone who wants to be in it can decide their species, division, and perhaps make requests for their role aboard ship...
how many of you would want to be involved with that?

We can discuss details if enough people are actually interested.
I'm open to writing it, if people want it.
Let me know...
Episode 14 is done, and posted... and includes some twists and some hints of what is to come.

Now... here is the question for all you readers:

Should I get right into Episode 15, next week?
Would you rather have a hiatus from Trek with, perhaps, the beginning of Bondage Acres, and maybe an installment or two of Bewitched and Bound?
Would you rather have that hiatus AFTER Episode 15?
Do you think a break should be for just one story?
Would you like a break with several stories?
Bondage Acres, Bewitched and Bound, Curious Captives,
Or... perhaps... something new that you've never heard about, before?
Maybe a F*A*T*E*S story?
Maybe a Caevethis tale?
Would you rather wait for Season One to end (after Episode 20) and THEN have that 'hiatus'?

What do you all think?
I can't post a poll... not Core, anymore... so, need you to post your thoughts, here.
Thanks, in advance.
Episode 14, Part Eight... the finale of 14... didn't post, today. I know. I'm wrapping up a special part of it. Expect it, this weekend.
OK, friends, readers, and everyone in between...
I am typically meticulous about the spacing in my stories, in case any of you have never noticed. I intentionally move things if they will create gaps in the page... etc.
Well, Season One, Episode 14, part 6...
had some serious issues and I BELIEVE I have gotten it to post with all the correct images, etc. but there are going to be some gaps in the spacing. Sorry if this bothers any of you. I can't seem to get it to work without them, so... I'd rather you get to read the story than have it look absolutely perfect.

The process of restoring the images that were missing, though, has slowed my pace on Part Seven, so... I'll TRY to get it done by Friday, and post it, BUT... it might not be ready until the weekend.
Again, sorry!
You can take it out on me during the writing of Bewitched and Bound, which will begin full production in a few days, as March begins.


JakeBondage's Profile Picture
Jake Bond
Artist | Professional | Literature
United States
I write, here, fiction containing scenes that make Fifty Shades of Gray look like a Dr. Seuss book.
Well, ok, maybe not that wild, because dA has guidelines that forbid sex, and such, but my female characters have a tendency to end up bound, gagged, and sometimes in various states of undress as they have misadventures and mishaps.
My specialty is science fiction, but I also write fantasy and other genres, too.

I do not write certain things, and I'll state that here, since I have received numerous requests for them over the years, here, and have had to state it over and over:

I do not write gore, or vore... no bloody horrid screaming deaths and no Dolcett style stuff.
Just not my scene. Sorry.
I do not write anything involving bodily fluids or functions in a sexual manner... sorry, these requests will be denied.

And I do not, and I cannot state this emphatically enough... I WILL not write anything even remotely sexual that involves children. Period. No exceptions. DO NOT ASK.

If I write a character for you, all limits will be respected at all times. This means that if you request I write something involving a character that has been created for someone else, and you ask me to violate those limits, I will refuse that request.

Now, I AM open to commission work, but do be aware that I am a professional writer and am also working several projects, here, so commissions are limited. Rules for commissions are only different from rules here in that dA guidelines do not apply for commissions you want emailed to you. MY rules still apply, in ANY case.

I do collaborations, and am proud of those works that have been done with my Collaborative Partners. If you'd like to become one, send me a Private Message.
Also, if you'd like to become one of my Damsels, send me a Private Message.

If you'd like to offer something else, send me a Private Message... we'll talk about it.

Current Residence: Earth
Favourite genre of music: Rock
Profile picture courtesy of Dan-Remo-Art

Journal History

The Vales

I think, before I get too far into the storytelling and have others writing stories and we end up with contradictions in geography, we need a MAP of The Vales.
Now, I am NOT the most talented 'Map Maker' out there... so, if someone else wants to make the finalized map, please do volunteer. I do have some resources available that will allow me to do a good job (Civilization V Map Editor), but if someone thinks they can do better... again... I am open to that.

I have enumerated The Vales in a Deviation, so, if you've been paying attention, you know WHAT they are.
Deathvale, of course, would not be on a map... with exception, perhaps, of the volcano it is rumored one must go down to reach it.
Mervale, of course, would appear on the map... as ocean. It is located beneath the waves.
Amazonvale, if course, would appear on this map... as an island, far from the mainland, and shrouded...

This leaves the mainland, upon which is Elvenvale, land of the Elves... and the three Vales of Man:

And then, of course, all around the Vales... is the Wastelands.

When I began sketching all of this out, in my mind, I imagined Shadowvale being in the Northeast area of the continent.
Hopevale is in the middle. Lightvale is in the South.

Elvenvale is in the Northwest, and only a small part of it touches Shadowvale. This is important to know, later.

So, with this image in my mind... I can create a rough map... BUT... I need to place the CITIES of the realm. Now, anyone who has ever read the comics KNOWS how important cities are in the overall scheme of the comic book superhero world, right? What is Superman without Metropolis? Batman without Gotham?

Right now, I have VERY FEW Cities worked out, and one of them only exists because of :iconmirrorkhaos: - Ravenfell.
This means I could really use your help, and here's where MORE opportunity for COLLABORATION comes into play.

IF you already have a City that you created, on here... and want to place it in The Vales... let me know.
If you have already created a setting, and want to place it in The Vales... so, like, for instance, if :icongospodinp: wanted to put a City in Shadowvale called "Torei"...

Also, even if you don't have one, but you have ideas... let me know.
As I said, MirrorKhaos came up with Ravenfell.

As it stands, right now, here is a LIST of the Cities that I have, with my 'notes' on said Cities:

Devianton: Capitol of Hopevale. Main City for most of MY stories in the Vales-Verse. It's on the East Coast of the continent.
--> :iconalexisfairchild: is the mayor
--> :icontawnyt: is the District Attorney
--> :iconaprilwinters: and :iconvickyshadow: sit on the City Council (room for three more)
--> :icondaniel-remo-arts:'s OC Alicia Campbell is on the Police Force, and his OC Sara Edwards works for me at the Devianton Mirror - she has a column
--> :iconjakebondage: is the Editor-in-Chief at the Devianton Mirror, the City's largest newspaper. :iconsarabondage: works for me, there...
There are many others... obviously... the City is full of characters... including F*A*T*E*S agents and C.L.E.A.V.A.G.E. superheroes and superheroines.

New Justice: About an hour and a half  Northeast of Devianton. Nice beaches, but the City is not the Resort city that Holiday Beach is.

Holiday Beach: The 'Malibu Beach' of the Vales... many celebrities live here. Beautiful beaches. Beautiful people.

Mephiston: The Capitol of Shadowvale. LOTS of bad guys live here, but not all of them are villains. :icondaniel-remo-art: is a good example of this.

Ravenfell: Created by :iconmirrorkhaos:, this is near the border with Elvenvale (see? Told you that was important, later...)
--> will introduce another whole new 'faction/institution' into the realm - the Railroad...

Virtue: The Capitol of Lightvale. A shimmering City on a Hill.

Oclagend: A farming community in Lightvale that has many secrets, as it's a place where certain heroes have retired.

Iqrivilia: The ONLY City I have designed for Elvenvale... Iqrivilia is located at a river delta. The architecture in Elvenvale is similar to human architecture, but different, in ways, too. I am not even sure if this should be the Capitol of Elvenvale.

OK - so, as you can see - I have only 8 Cities in all the Vales.
Even dealing ONLY with Elvenvale, and the three Vales of Man, that's very few.
Only ONE in Elvenvale... and two in Shadowvale... and two in Lightvale...
So... there's plenty of room.

Who is willing to help?

Oh, and while :icondaniel-remo-art: designed a hell of an AWESOME logo for F*A*T*E*S...
I could use some talented artist to design their new uniforms...

  • Listening to: the Avengers theme
  • Reading: articles on comic book settings
  • Watching: The Vales develop
  • Playing: Cities XL
  • Drinking: Coffee


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